The history

Started in 2008, Kolam Institute was a training computer centre for its effective activities regarding children Education. It became an insitute in 2009 with vocational trainings and research lab. Located in the Auroville Community, New Creation, Kolam Institute use to be the place for Technology and computing education for all ages. From basic trainings to advanced professional ones, we offer a quality environment for our students with the latest computer processing technology.

In 2009, We started to developp a specific Open source training focused on multi-media production. We decided to include Blender (3D Animation package) and Gimp (2D graphics) softwares into our courses. We were giving around 5 workshops a year for students in various areas: Architecture, Landscaping, Product design and Art.

In 2010, We started to develop a full Open source standards in local schools. There was a need for a new educational program, not based on classical software learning but on the particular use of computers to learn about the world activities. Later, we did include the procedure to publish contents. That was a turn in our history. From then on, the curriculum was centered on "How to teach others about our personal interests and feelings. This program is licensed under CreativeCommons, which means that there are no restrictions to share it for free with anybody ! We hope to participate to a new educational platform with no commercial benefit.

In 2011, We were busy on developing the research area, including geo-mapping applications, based on educational contents, robotics with Open Hardwares and physics simulations. We now cover all these areas with a strong approach on education. We support schools who have chosen to develop technologies and who provide an intuitive access to computers.

By 2012, we were looking at some advanced training for our students. Physics simulations and Open Hardwares came into the picture. We are using Blender (our favorite!) to simulate physical reactions, like fluids, smokes, hard and soft bodies, collisions and influences. Some of us are using Blender since 2002 and they are really passionate about 3D and animations. On the other hand, we are now purchasing experimental hardwares, Arduino MB and Beagleboards. We want to connect the physics simulation system and the robotics to complete our program. We hope to include theses technologies into our educational program. Feel free to contact us for more info or if you want to contribute !

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