The Project

In Kolam Institute, we try to provide the so called "Integral education", an interesting approach of the childhood. Asking this important question: What is the best for their future ? We know also technologies are in constant evolution and what we can teach about the actual "computer" will not be relevant in few months. We decided to look at the primary components and to focus on communication processes. From that point of view, we are supporting the basic understanding of computation as well as its development.

Educational goals

The primary objective is to provide a wide range of resources and materials for teachers and trainers using ONLY Open Source Softwares, our setup is enough flexible to be modified in accordance with special needs and for all ages:
- Linux Ubuntu Operating System with Gnome desktop One of the most friendly distribution !
- Open Office writer/presentation/database The free Office package !
- Gimp image/video editing
- Blender 3D/Animation/Simulations/Games/Coding
- Scratch Easy programming for children
- and a collection of various tools to learn about keyboards and external controllers...

We are also providing a wide range of workshops including:
- Movie making for children Story telling/Storyboarding/shooting/editing/mastering
- Audio engineering Recording/editing/mastering/scene/publishing
- 3D cartoon animation for children Characters modelling/rigging/skinning/animation

Research goals

When we are talking about research, we mean all kind of new technologies. From hardware experiments to software development.

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