The team

Here, at Kolam institute, we are all volunteers, with a prior focus on Intergral Education. We are computer geeks, coding lovers and technology afficionados.We use to "surf" on Internet, researching latest news about computations and tech. evolution. Here we are:

Uriel | Unit Manager & Trainings supervisor
Active from 2008, originaly called from France to developp the Kolam infrastructure and its resources. He is skilled in multimedia and advanced IT processings. Passionated about 3D animation, CG in general and GPU programming, he is the main educational writer.

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Valery | Softwares developper and distributed rendering manager
Active from 2011, coming from Russia, he joined Kolam to supervise the development of our Geo-Education application.He is also involved into our primary research project: Distributed Renderfarm Sys.

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Ganesh | Network expert and applied technologies professional
He join Kolam in 2011 to support Children education and Tamil digital resources.

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Julien | Digital musician and media expert,
He join Kolam in 2010 to developp our School curriculum.

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