The Institute

Kolam is an independant Educational Organisation focused on FOSS and Open Technologies. Located in Auroville, South India, 10km from pondicherry, we offer our best learning environment and training materials.

We love FOSS

Well, we are providing training on major Free and Open Source Softwares: Linux Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Gimp, Blender, and more...

PDF Downloads

Get informations about our courses and programs for 2012/2013:

“It's the best FOSS training centre in Tamil Nadu!” - Ganesh K. - Pondicherry

Volunteers and Internship

We are looking for skilled people to join our team. If you are specialist in these domains, please, contact us and receive an invitation. Check the references : php/MySQL, Javascript, Python, PostgreSQL, 3D animation, Digital Painting, Audio and video editing/mastering, Robotics, Physics simulations

Registering for Courses and Workshops

If you are interested to join our courses, you can check all our programs and pre-requisites before applying. Be sure to fullfil the criteria for each training session. Contact us to register and get more infos

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